Tuesday, December 11, 2012

eVErYthiNG wILL bE OK!

sad moments..its normal, everybody must have that feeling..for me its a test..i hope it will covered up soon..after four years with the sweet and not so "sweet" moments now i'm alone, i mean single again..it is for the second time with the same person..we can do nothing..almost every nite i'm having a nitemare and cant sleep..i try my best to forget but sometimes its really hurt..all the promises that we made were gone..so i have to take this time as an opportunity to be a better person..lets bygone be bygone..life must go on..i hope he will be in better life and get good soul mate..he deserve better person..its hard to believe that we're not for each other..really frustrated..for the time being, i just want to forget everything about the past and do everything for my degree..everything will be ok..amin :)

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